Making An Appointment

Your mental health is vitally important. We are here to support you in taking steps towards finding help for your concerns. We have the following options for you to choose from to see a counselor.

  • CAPS Counselors in the Central Office: Schedule an appointment online to meet with an Initial Access Specialist who will work with you to determine the best next step in addressing your mental health needs. You can also stop by our office on the fourth floor of the Michigan Union or call us at 734-764-8312 for assistance in scheduling an initial consultation. Appointments are available in person or virtually.
  • CAPS Counselors in the Schools and Colleges: Some of the CAPS therapists are located in different Schools and Colleges at U-M. To see a CAPS therapist in your School/College, please follow this link to find your embedded therapist. Then, email them directly, and they will send you the online scheduling information.
  • Uwill Teletherapy Services: Uwill serves as an extension of the care provided through CAPS, allowing us to expand our service capacity for students. The partnership provides students with free video, phone, chat and message sessions with licensed mental health professionals free of charge. Teletherapy services are available during evenings and weekends, and holidays, providing the most flexibility for meeting your scheduling needs. Because Uwill teletherapy may not be appropriate for all presenting concerns, if you have any questions, please contact us to determine if Uwill is a good fit for you. Following the consultation, the CAPS team member may refer you to Uwill or to CAPS based on your needs.
  • Urgent/Crisis Needs: If you are experiencing an urgent need or crisis then please call CAPS at 734-764-8312 at any time 24/7 or come into our office located on the fourth floor of the Michigan Union during our regular office hours. This is a same-day service and students are seen on a first-come, first-served basis.

At the University of Michigan, we recognize there is no “one size fits all” approach to supporting student mental health. That's why we provide a variety of options to meet a diversity of needs. Check out the options HERE.

Phone: 734-764-8312 Hours: Monday - Friday 8am to 5pm CAPS after hours available any time CAPS is closed. If this is an emergency call 911.