Wolverine Support Network

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Wolverine Support Network (WSN) provides student-led peer support groups and community building events to empower University of Michigan students to create an inclusive community and support each other’s identity, mental well-being, and day-to-day lives.

Weekly Groups are led by trained peer-facilitators and aim to create a space where members (undergraduate and graduate UM students) can promote their own and each other’s emotional and mental well-being in an accessible, confidential and welcoming environment. Groups are available Monday through Thursday from 4-9pm in multiple locations on campus - you pick the day and time that’s best for you! Sign ups remain open all semester, so it’s never too late to join a group. Head to https://www.umichwsn.org/join to learn more and sign up today.

In addition to weekly group meetings, Wolverine Support Network also hosts Community Building events designed to build high-quality relationships and relieve stress. Past activities have included game night, meditation, pizza parties, and therapy dogs.

More About WSN:

WSN was developed by Central Student Government (CSG) and began its first group meetings in January 2015. Since then, the groups have been a great success with positive feedback from both members and facilitators. WSN Leaders attend weekly training sessions with CAPS Staff Social Worker Adam Kern, who is the CAPS liaison for WSN.  The training sessions focus on a wide variety of topics including creating safety and trust in the groups, dealing with challenging group dynamics, facilitator skill building, and supporting stress management. The training sessions are also a place for WSN Leaders to share ideas and successes, discuss any concerns that come up in groups, and become more familiar with campus resources.  

The WSN leadership team and CAPS look forward to seeing WSN continue to grow and to reach even more students in the future, so we hope you spread the word throughout our campus community about all that WSN has to offer!


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