U-M Counseling and Psychological Services

What is the CAPS SAB?

The CAPS Student Advisory Board (CAPS SAB) is a diverse group of undergraduate and graduate students who advise CAPS on matters of mental health outreach to all students, provides input on various agency decisions, and is involved in staff searches.   Todd Sevig and Christine Asidao lead this group. We truly value CAPS SAB input and work hard towards implementing suggestions generated by our group process.

Find some "Stories" from previous SAB members HERE.

Examples of topics/activities we have worked on:

  • Wellness Zone brainstorming, implementation, logo design, promotion and grand opening (bit.ly/GIqC0s)
  • Creating fun activities and tips for students to manage stress for Semester Survival 101 (bit.ly/GIhH0b and bit.ly/PlWawm)
  • Increasing accessibility and knowledge regarding CAPS through a series of informational videos (bit.ly/GIhjPd)
  • Providing feedback on the MiTalk and CAPS website (e.g., content and design)
  • On-going discussions regarding pressing student needs
  • Writing student suggestions on how faculty could better help students
  • Participating in an interview process for the upcoming year's CAPS SAB applicants
  • Co-facilitating a workshop presentation at the National Outreach Conference for Counseling Centers
  • Meeting with potential candidates for CAPS senior staff positions
  • Helped to plan, design, personalize and launch the Stressbusters Wellness app for Michigan students
  • Assisted in the planning and marketing of the Messages of Hope, Stop Student Suicide concert in April 2014

A few comments from SAB members:

  • My experience has been excellent.
  • Very enjoyable experience overall. I'm so glad that I joined.
  • I had a great year with SAB!! Thank you!
  • Very welcoming facilitators. This is very good for students to feel valued and supportive.
  • CAPS SAB is definitely my favorite student org. at U of M
  • Thank you for a great year!
  • You guys are awesome! You do so much!
  • Thanks for such a wonderful year. See you in the fall

UPDATE:  View the SAB Application Information before completing the online application

Read stories from SAB.