U-M Counseling and Psychological Services

UM Counseling and Psychological Services Student Advisory Board (CAPS SAB)

UPDATE FOR SEPTEMBER 2020: We are looking for individuals who are passionate about college student mental health to meet once a month with the CAPS Director (Dr. Todd Sevig) and CAPS Associate Director of Community Engagement and Outreach (Dr. Christine Asidao) in a group format over Zoom to provide a combination of thoughtful feedback on CAPS approaches to mental health on the U-M campus and occasional activities in which we do something for the U-M campus.

To apply go here and email your completed application to asidao@umich.edu by Monday, September 14th at 5pm with the subject line “CAPS SAB 2020-2021 Application: Your name.”

The CAPS Student Advisory Board (CAPS SAB) is a community of undergraduate and graduate students interested in advising Counseling and Psychological Services on the variety of ways in which we engage with the greater UM community on matters of college student mental health as well as actively participating in topic-focused projects. The CAPS SAB was established in 2008 and advises CAPS on matters of mental health outreach to all students, provides valuable input on various agency decisions and is involved in staff searches. CAPS SAB members have the opportunity to work closely with the Director and Associate Director of Counseling and Psychological Services. We truly value CAPS SAB input and work hard towards implementing suggestions.

Examples of past activities and projects:

A few activities to expect during the 2019-20 year:

  • Discussing and finding creative solutions to address mental health issues that affect the entire UM student body
  • Hosting the annual CAPS SAB Semester Survival tabling event
  • Potentially collaborating with other student mental health groups
  • Meeting and asking questions of interested SAB applicants at the end of the academic year and providing recommendations to the Director and Associate Director of CAPS