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Uwill is an addition to CAPS services that provides students with video, phone, chat, and message sessions with licensed mental health professionals at no cost. This additional counseling option offers students greater flexibility and allows CAPS to expand its service capacity.

Uwill is a National Association of Student Personnel Administrators Educational Partner.

What is Uwill? 
Uwill provides students with access to a therapist of their choice via the mode of their choice - video, phone, chat or messaging. Teletherapy services are available during the day, as well as evenings, weekends, and holidays. Uwill has licensed mental health professionals available in all 50 states and providers in many countries of the world.

This service has been successfully used by other counseling centers, including in the Big 10.

Please see the information below for the situations in which Uwill is a good option for students. Because Uwill teletherapy may not be appropriate for all presenting concerns, please contact CAPS if you have any questions or to determine if Uwill is a good fit for you.

What is available to UM students? 
UM students can have up to six sessions with a Uwill counselor at no cost. Students can:

  • Choose a therapist based on their preferences including issue, gender, language and race or ethnicity
  • Choose a time that fits with their schedule with day, night, and weekend availability
  • Choose the appointment mode that is right for them - video, phone, chat or messaging

Who is eligible? 
This service is offered at no cost to UM students regardless of their location. During the summer, students must be enrolled the previous Winter semester and for the subsequent Fall semester. (The exception is doctoral students who are considered to be continuously enrolled.)

Who is it for? 
Uwill is most appropriate for students whose concerns are a good fit for brief services and whose scheduling needs may not fit with available on-campus services. Uwill may also be an option for students who are enrolled but living outside of the state.

When is it not a good fit? 
There are some times when on-campus services are a better fit. These include: having thoughts of self-harm or thoughts of harming others, having an ongoing mental health concern, are currently experiencing significant disruption in your tasks of daily living or intense symptoms related to a diagnosed mental health condition or needing long-term mental health support. Please call CAPS if you are experiencing any of the above.

How do I get started? 
To access the Uwill platform, visit app.uwill.com. From there, register with a University of Michigan email address. You will soon receive an email confirmation to complete the registration process. After confirming your address, you can select a counselor and schedule an appointment.

A Few Reminders:

  • Regardless of enrollment status or where you are physically located, CAPS urgent / crisis services and consultation are available by calling 734-764-8312
  • When CAPS is open, a counselor on duty is available. 
  • When CAPS is closed, including breaks and holidays, CAPS After Hours is available (734-764-8312 and Press “0”).
  • Are Uwill counselors fully licensed?
    • Yes, Uwill counselors are fully-licensed.
  • How is care provided?
    • Counselors are available to provide care by video, phone, portal messaging or text support.
  • How long are Uwill counseling sessions?
    • 30 minutes
  • Is there any cost for this service?
    • There is no out-of-pocket costs for students & insurance is not billed
  • How many sessions/appointments can I access?
    • When you create a Uwill account you will see in your portal you have 180 credits. You can use these credits to schedule the following supports: 30-minute video or phone appointment (30credits), 15-minute chat (15 credits), one 2-way message exchange (5 credits).
  • What happens after I reach my 6-session limit?
    • Students can request additional credits/sessions.  Additionally, your 6 free sessions renews on July 1st.
  • Can Uwill coordinate care with campus-based medical provider?
    • Yes, treatment consent forms will be updated at UHS and CAPS to facilitate this.
  • Can a student switch counselors?
    • Yes, after every virtual appointment the student is given the choice to schedule a next appt. with the same counselor or a different one.
  • Does Uwill provide relationship/couples counseling?
    • No, not at this time.
  • How do I decide between CAPS and Uwill?
    • This is an individual decision and may depend on therapist preference, schedule availability, preferred modality (in-person vs. virtual), preference for U-M provider, etc. For more information see 'Who is it for?' and 'When is it not a good fit?' above.
  • Can I continue to see my Uwill counselor in between semesters of enrollment?
    • This depends on your location. Licensed counselors are bound to state licensing rules. For example, if a student is seeing a Michigan-licensed counselor while living in the Ann Arbor Area, they may not be able to schedule with the same counselor while they are home in California, for example.
  • Can a Uwill counselor complete disability and accomodations paperwork required by U-M SAAS?
    • Yes, Uwill clinicians can complete accomodation requests within their clinical scope.
  • Are Uwill services on an acessible platform?
    • The Uwill platform was developed in accordance with UA Rehabilitation Act Section 508, The Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG), and the Epub Accessibility Guidelines, Uwill video appointments occur over Zoom, so students can turn on CART/closed captioning or live transcription during the appointment.
  • Who do I reach out for technical assistance?
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