In-Depth Clinical Screenings

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ADHD Screening

At this time, we are not offering ADHD In-Depth Screening.  We would encourage you to check out community providers who specialize in this area.  Please also feel free to consult with us if you need support in finding providers.

When we do offer screenings, CAPS provides a limited number of ADHD screenings each semester. Please be aware that a screening does not provide enough information to definitively diagnose ADHD. You may need a referral for a more comprehensive evaluation following a screening. CAPS does not provide psychiatric or medication services.

If you are interested in a screening you will first need to schedule an Initial Consultation.

Eating and Body Image Screening

If you are interested in participating in an EPA (Eating Patterns Assessment) or if you are referred from another office, you will need to schedule a 30-minute Initial Consultation (IC) with a CAPS counselor. During the IC appointment, you will have the opportunity to discuss your concerns and goals and to request to schedule an EPA First Counseling Appointment with a staff member who has been trained to conduct EPAs. The EPA holistically examines eating patterns, body image concerns, and your goals and values. 

The EPA includes:

  • Clinical Interview, which is an in-person, one-on-one assessment of current and past eating patterns, body image concerns, and the biopsychosocial impact of eating patterns.
  • Three take-home measures to help identify and quantify eating and body image concerns.
  • Feedback and planning session highlighting themes that arose during the EPA, high scores from the measures along with their standard interpretations, and recommendations.

Students are encouraged to be engaged through this process and to work together with the counselor to determine next steps for treatment or ongoing support at the conclusion of the EPA.

First Appointment for Alcohol and Other Drug Concerns

If you are referred for a confidential ASAP (Assessment of Substance Abuse Patterns) from another office or department or if you are interested in participaing in an ASAP, you will need to schedule a 30 minute Initial Consultation (IC) with a CAPS counselor and then during that consultation request to meet with someone on our staff trained in conducting this assessment of alcohol, marijuana and other drug use. 

This is a two-part process involving:

  • An opportunity for each student to examine patterns of alcohol, marijuana or other drug use and related concerns within the context of the “whole person”.
  • The student receives personally-relevant feedback from the trained CAPS counselor  and is then supported in making realistic decisions about their future use, choices and goals.

24/7 Online Screenings

We would like to encourage you to take a quick screening to see if feelings like prolonged sadness, anxiety, irritability, loss of pleassure, and/or hopelessness might actually be related to depression. 

Other screenings for generalized anxiety disorder, alcohol misuse, eating disorders, bipolar disorder and post-traumatic stress disorder are also available.  Participants will receive immediate results at the end of each screening to print and bring to a counselor for further discussion and evaluation if indicated.

You can take the screenings by going HERE