Emily Malinowski, LMSW

Emily Malinowski, LMSW
Pronouns she/her/hers
Job Title
Initial Access Specialist
University of Michigan School of Social Work
Professional Interests:
- Eating and Body Image
- Anxiety
- Depression
- Resiliency
- Intimate Partner Violence
- Mindfulness
- Self-Care
- Positive Psychology
Approach to Therapy:
My approach to therapy is client-centered, collaborative, and strengths-based. I have a passion for helping clients discover their unique gifts and purpose. My primary goal in my work is to assist clients with recognizing their strengths and potential in order for them to live lives that are meaningful and fulfilling.
Approach to Wellness:
In my work, I have learned that self-care is truly vital. I begin and end each day with time for mindfulness and reflection in order to care for my mind and body. I enjoy various forms of self-care, including listening to music, kickboxing, spending time outside, being with my dog, exploring new places, and spending time with friends and family.