U-M Counseling and Psychological Services

CAPS knows it’s important to reach out to students through social media, find us on Instagram and Facebook. Following @umichcaps is a great way to incorporate more positive content into your social media accounts!

The CAPS Facebook page and Instagram are dedicated to providing information to improve the overall emotional health and wellness of University of Michigan’s students and campus community. Our Facebook page allows students to engage resources outside of the formal counseling setting. With over 95% of college students using Facebook, CAPS felt it was important to embrace this new form of outreach to connect with students through a medium that appeals most to them. CAPS highly values input from students, and in creating this page looked to students for feedback about what they hoped to gain from the new page.

We also have an app especially catered to UM students called Stressbusters. Stressbusters provides educational material about mental health concerns as well as hosting guided meditations, a journaling feature and an events page. Download the free app on GooglePlay or the App Store.

  • Follow us for:
    • How to be Leaders At Their Best (positive psychology content)
    • Wholesome memes and videos
    • Diverse UM students sharing how they successfully manage mental health concerns
  • Providing information and tips on topics related to emotional health and wellness including:
    • Stress management
    • Depression and anxiety
    • Mindfulness
    • Sleep habits
    • Relationships
    • Body Image
    • Nutrition and physical activity
    • Information about CAPS services