Finding Your Community Provider (Database Included)


Most students who come into CAPS receive clinical services in the form of individual counseling, group counseling, or workshops, but sometimes CAPS will collaborate with a student to receive their counseling in the community.  This decision may happen in the Initial Consultation, ongoing counseling appointments, or through work with CAPS Care Management staff.  In the event that CAPS supports you with finding counseling in the community, you might be wondering, what do I do next.  Thats a great question and you've come to the right place for answers. 

For Off Campus Treatment Resources, please visit our "Community Provider Database." This service has been developed by the Mental Health Work Group at the University of Michigan - a collective effort devoted to the mental health of UM students. Please use this resource to search for private mental health care providers in the Ann Arbor area.

Community Provider Database

Finding community providers for mental health can be complicated.  CAPS would like to make this process as straight-forward as possible.  In the following two buttons, you will find both a video and written instructions on finding a provider.  If you have any difficulty or get stuck in any way, please reach out to CAPS.

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