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Greek Community: "#timetotalk about Mental Health"

CAPS is proud to support our Greek Community for their ongoing efforts around mental health.  

Recent efforts were highlighted in a recent announcment from Shannon Cohen, Interim Associate Director of Greek Life and Panhellenic Advisor.

Michigan Daily Reports: CAPS Continues to Add Resources

March 8th, 2016

CAPS Director, Todd Sevig Ph.D., shared an update to recent advances in providing support to UM students. 

“We are the student counseling center,” he said. “We don’t exist just to exist for me, for the professional staff, and we don’t technically exist for the University. When we wake up in the morning our sole purpose is to care about is you, and your 43,000 other classmates.”

Michigan Daily reports CAPS Offers Resources During "Post-Election" Bias Incidents

Dr. Sheryl Kelly, Coordinator of CAPS Inclusive Excelleance Initative, discussed CAPS support in a recent article, "False hate crime reports spur further concerns campus saftey and inclusivity" in the Michigan Daily.

A lot of students are being impacted by current events, so when they come in, I ask how they are doing in the current campus climate, Kelly said.  We have many students that come in who specifically identify that as a problem.

CAPS Featured in NBC News 4 Report

CAPS was featured in a recent story reported by News 4 entitled "How to crush your fear of failure in college."

Find the full video HERE.

University of Michigan students were interviewed on topics including pressure, paying for college, and plans after graduation.  In additon to many CAPS and campus resources, the report specifically featured the Stressbusters APP designed for UM students.

Michigan Daily Features CAPS Suicide Prevention

In a recent Michigan Daily article, "CAPS expands programs, releases new suicide prevention videos," Kaela Theut (Daily Staff Reporter), describes CAPS recent and previous work in suicide prevention at UM.  

Theut shared highlights from the new videos released by CAPS, as well as comments from CAPS Coordinator of Suicide Prevention, Jamye Banks Ph.D.

Election Stress: Michigan Daily Article

On Novermber 3rd, 2016, the Michigan Daily covered CAPS efforts and perspective on election-related stress. In addition to interviewing students, two CAPS staff members offered their perspective on trends and support available on campus.

Mishelle Rodriguez, CAPS staff psychologist and Coordinator of Social Media, offers these thoughts:

CAPS Panel for World Mental Health Day

On Monday, October 10th 2016, CAPS Director and Associate Director of Community Engagement and Outreach spoke to LSA Student Government about how students can continue to support mental health on campus.  Students organized an entire day of mental health events, which ended with the panel. 

Find more information about the panel and other events during the day as the Michigan Daily covered the event HERE

Michigan Daily: CAPS Aims to Improve Counselor-to-Student Ratio

The Michigan Daily recently covered Todd Sevig, Director of CAPS, in a Central Student Government meeting.  The meeting addressed the ways that CAPS is planning to expand mental health services.  Sevig is quoted:

It’s crucial that I … as director of CAPS — we, as CAPS — are here, engaging, listening, answering questions,” he said. “In the last approximately 15 years, we’ve almost doubled in size. We are starting a national search for new positions. We have been newly funded, if you will, for six new positions in CAPS.

CAPS Takes Part in Dialogue to Discuss Reactions to Election

November 14th, 2016

In a recent LSA Dialogue Event, CAPS discussed efforts prior to and after the Election to support students. 

“It’s important to note that the election has taken a toll psychologically,” Sevig said. “We are not here to say that if you are feeling strong emotions, then you need therapy. We are here to say that things that could be therapeutic and healing is important. There is no one way of coping or making sense of this is going to work for all of us.”

CAPS Featured on BCTV Live

Todd Sevig, Director, and Christine Asidao, Associate Director for Community Engagement and Outreach, were recently featured on Bloomfield Township Cable Television.

They addressed issues related to college student mental health on a program called "Managing the Problems of Daily Living," hosted by Dr. Linda Sircus.

Find the full video HERE

Michigan Alumnus Magazine Article: Helping and Healing

CAPS is featured in the recent Michigan Alumnus Magazine article "Helping and Healing."  The article describes CAPS recent efforts to address stigma and meet student needs, an increase of UM mental health student organizations, and campus events focused on mental health.  

The recent work of the CAPS Student Advisory Board and CAPS In Action were also highlighted in this article, as well as student experiences of overcoming their own mental health challenges.

Find the full article HERE.


Michigan Daily Article: Faculty Must Address Mental Health

CAPS In Action (CIA), a new student organization within the University's Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) that “puts the CAPS initiatives in action," shared their thoughts on how faculty at UM can support mental health in an article that was published in the Michigan Daily.

CIA shared three suggestions including this experience from one of it's members: