Marcella Beaumont, Ph.D.

Pronouns she/her/hers
Job Title
Post Doctoral Fellow
Oklahoma State University
Professional Interests:
- social justice and advocacy
- liberation psychology
- queer, trans, and gender-affirming care
- working with 2SLGBTQIA+ folks
- working with graduate students
- multicultural diversity
- relationship concerns
- identity development
- grief and loss
- family of origin concerns
- supervision and training
- outreach
Approach to Therapy:
I approach therapy in a very collaborative and integrative way. My work is heavily influenced by client-centered and relational cultural theory, which means that, among many things, I believe that the therapeutic relationship (the relationship between the therapist and client) is the primary source of healing. I aim to work with individuals in a way that gives agency back to clients and empowers them to live life for themselves as authentically as possible. I also strive to equalize the power dynamic as much as possible in the room by acknowledging many factors, such as power, privilege, and positionality. I am forever humbled and honored that I get to do this work with clients, and I genuinelylove what I do.
Approach to Wellness:
As a sensitive introvert, I love the quiet things in life. I enjoy spending time with my dogs, reading, paddleboarding, going on walks immersed in nature, and tending to all my plant babies. When I’m feeling social, I enjoy brunch with friends, perusing local crystal shops, and adopting more plant babes.
Supervisory Style:
Similar to my approach to therapy, my supervision style is very relational and supervisee-centered. I enjoy getting to know my supervisees as humans first and clinicians second. I hope that through fostering an authentic connection in supervision, that supervisees will feel supported and excited about their clinical work. I am always honored to be part of a clinician’s training and growth.