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The Final Stretch: A Note To UM Students

The Final Stretch: A Note To UM Students

The last weeks of a semester are one of the most intense times for U-M students. CAPS makes end-of-semester adjustments to our services to best support your needs.  We want to make sure you are informed about our current services.

At this time, CAPS will work to meet your needs with consultation appointments and other end-of-semester services –

Michigan Daily Article: Faculty Must Address Mental Health

CAPS In Action (CIA), a new student organization within the University's Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) that “puts the CAPS initiatives in action," shared their thoughts on how faculty at UM can support mental health in an article that was published in the Michigan Daily.

CIA shared three suggestions including this experience from one of it's members:

Managing Election Climate Stress

Election season is upon us and we anticipate that students may experience election-related stress.

Find a recent Michigan Daily article on election-related stress HERE.

Below, we have noted events and ideas for how to psychologically support the student community in navigating this potential stress. 

CAPS now on Mcard

A recent article on the UM Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion web page has featured CAPS efforts to increase mental health support on campus.  Every student receives an Mcard to serve as their UM ID card for their career here at U of M.  Now, the Mcard has CAPS After Hours Information on the back.