U-M Counseling and Psychological Services

A Response To Hate

UM CAPS wants to extend our support and our work and our commitment to the UM student community as we all navigate the acts of hate that occurred last week in Louisville on October 24th where two African American individuals and in Pittsburgh October 27th when 11 Jewish individuals were senselessly targeted and lost to acts of violence.

Embedded Model

In 2014, Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) embarked on a new way of effectively and efficiently distributing mental health services for students across the schools and colleges by creating a community-based model - placing CAPS clinicians inside some of the schools and colleges, known as the embedded model.  CAPS counselors are now placed in 13 different Schools and Colleges at UM.

Find more information (including CAPS Embedded Staff, Confidentiality, and more) about the Embedded Model HERE.   

Navigating the Impact of the Supreme Court Hearings and Sexualized Violence

For many, the recent Supreme Court hearings have brought a range of reactions, including those who have experience with sexual assault.  In courageously telling her story, Dr. Christine Blasey Ford, has given the opportunity for other survivors to open up about their truths and begin their own healing process.

CAPS New Temporary Location

CAPS has moved!  While the Student Union is being renovated, you can find CAPS at the Tappan Auxiliary Building (609 Tappan Street).  

The staff and services are the same, just a temporary new location for the year.  

If you need additional help finding us, feel free to call 734-764-8312.

CAPS now on Mcard

A recent article on the UM Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion web page has featured CAPS efforts to increase mental health support on campus.  Every student receives an Mcard to serve as their UM ID card for their career here at U of M.  Now, the Mcard has CAPS After Hours Information on the back.  



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