U-M Counseling and Psychological Services

CAPS Student Advisory Board (SAB)

The CAPS Student Advisory Board (CAPS SAB) is a diverse group of undergraduate and graduate students who advise CAPS on matters of mental health outreach to all students, provides input on various agency decisions, and is involved in staff searches.  

Peer Counseling

Welcome to CAPS Individual Peer Counseling! Individual Peer Counseling (IPC) is designed to offer a new way to meet the needs of students across the University of Michigan. We are here to support student mental health and offer students a place to vent. Peer counselors are trained in active listening by professional staff here at CAPS.The IPC program connects students with someone of a similar age, interest and background who can serve as a resource or simply someone to “rant” to.

Helping Students in Distress

Students dealing with personal concerns and in distress typically show some outward signs that they are struggling in some way. All of us experience life’s “ups and down,” but ongoing and/or intensified distress may suggest a more serious concern. There are different levels of distress and these can be represented through a continuum. How you go about helping a student will depend on several factors such as: their level of distress, the nature of your relationship, the type of setting you are in, and your comfort level.

How to Support Someone after the MSU Tragedy

We as a community have been deeply affected by the MSU tragedy on February 13, 2023. We mourn the loss of Arielle Anderson, Brian Fraser, and Alexandria “Alex” Verner. We hope for the full recovery of all those injured. We send our love and support to the families, friends, and loved ones whose lives have been turned upside down.

What Now? Coping in the days following the MSU tragedy

First and foremost, we echo the sentiments shared by President Ono; our hearts are breaking for the Spartan community as they grieve during this terrible tragedy. We know many in our UM community also have personal connections to these losses. Even for those who did not know the victims, the solidarity we feel with our neighbors 60 miles away can stir a range of emotions: hopelessness, stress, fear, anger, panic, grief, guilt, immobilization or numbness. Know that there is no one “right” response or emotion to a tragedy like this.



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