Graduate Students

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In 2018-19, 31.6% of CAPS clients were graduate/professional students.  This includes both CAPS main office and our Embedded counselors.  Additionally, CAPS offers support to graduate students through our groups program.

Rackham "Student To Student" Video Series

We encourage you to check out this great video series from University of Michigan Rackham Graduate School.  In this series, students share on a variety of topics including:

Graduate Students - The Advising Relationship

Imagine graduate school as a marathon networking event.  

  • How would you prepare?  
  • Who would you want to meet?  
  • What expectations would you have before, during and after the event?

Graduate school is certainly a critical time for academic work. It’s also when career and life-changing relationships are forged with peers, faculty, academic colleagues, and family/support systems.  The most important academic relationship you develop; however, is with your advisor.

Graduate Students - Parents

Graduate student parents are a vital part of our University of Michigan community.  Each parent brings with them a unique family situation, which makes for a more rich and diverse campus.  

Many University of Michigan graduate school parents proudly share their strengths:

  • Multitasking
  • Prioritizing
  • Negotiating
  • Networking
  • Asserting their needs 

Graduate student parents also openly share some of their challenges: 

Graduate Students - Avoiding Isolation

Your days of taking formal classes are over.  The independent projects have been going well…until recently.  

A feeling of isolation or loneliness has started to set in, making it more difficult to feel motivated about your work. 

Maybe you are: