Individual Peer Counseling

NOTE: The CAPS Individual Peer Counseling program is closed for the Spring/Summer semester.  We look forward to resuming this service in Fall 2024.  

Welcome to CAPS Individual Peer Counseling! Individual Peer Counseling (IPC) is designed to offer a new way to meet the needs of students across the University of Michigan. We are here to support student mental health and offer students a place to vent. Peer counselors are trained in active listening by professional staff here at CAPS. The IPC program connects students with someone of a similar age, interest and background who can serve as a resource or simply someone to “rant” to. While Peer Counselors will keep all information private, IPC is not a substitute for confidential therapy provided by a licensed mental health CAPS staff member.  

What peer counselors can offer

We are undergraduate and graduate students at UM and can relate to the struggles of being a student here. Peer Counselors are trained by CAPS staff to support students in a variety of areas: loneliness and making friends, adjustment and transition to U of M, the state of Michigan, or the United States as a whole, learning about campus resources, managing academic and life stress, and more. Our primary goal is to listen and support you, and provide resources where needed.

Benefits of peer counseling

Peer counseling can offer students a relaxed and laid back place to vent and find support. We are able to listen and relate, as well as give you a judgment-free space to talk out your thoughts. Students have reported appreciating having someone outside of their immediate circle to talk to as well as someone who is able to support them in working through personal challenges.

How to schedule a meeting with a Peer Counselor?

Students interested in receiving peer counseling can submit THIS FORM, or can be referred from a CAPS counselor to one of our Peer Counselors.  

Interested in becoming a Peer Counselor for 2024-25 year? 

Please contact Ed Huebner at [email protected] for more information. 

Meet the Peer Counselors      
We invite you to check out the PC Team below.  All Peer Counselors have gone through training and participate in weekly consultation facilitated by CAPS Staff.