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Michigan Daily Article: CAPS Shares "Heart" Messages

University of Michigan Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) encourages UM campus to "go beyond the surface" and engage in a community of caring.  This Michigan Daily article from CAPS Director, Todd Sevig, shares the recent suicide prevention work including a video filled with messages from students for students.

Read the Michigan Daily article here.

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Michigan Daily Article: UM Student Urges Friends to "Go To CAPS"

University of Michigan student and Michigan Daily columnist Victoria Noble, writes about her journey of reaching out for help at UM Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS).  Noble shares about her initial hesitation and the stigma attached to mental health.  Eventually, Noble seeks support at CAPS and encourages other students to do the same.

Read Noble's story in the Michigan Daily here.

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UM Student Speaks Out About Recent CAPS Changes

In an article in the Michigan Daily, UM Student and Michigan Daily Columnist Devin Eggert, shares her experience of CAPS.  From her first experience as a freshman, to the recent changes CAPS has implemented, Eggert writes about her new outlook on what CAPS is doing to address student needs.

Find the Michigan Daily article here.

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