Compassion, Balance, Hope, Community

A message from UM-Ann Arbor President Mark S Schlissel focuses on the importance of the UM Community taking care of our mental health.  President Schlissel wrote:

To All Members of the U-M Ann Arbor and Michigan Medicine Community:

I am writing today about the important topic of mental health and to urge anyone who needs help, or knows someone who does, to reach out to one of our three professional counseling offices on our campus. Together with our counselors and mental health professionals, I also invite you to help us share the messages that we are here for you and that we strive to nurture hope, community, compassion, and balance.

CAPS continues to work towards promoting compassion, balance, hope and community.  For the past few years, CAPS Outreach work has been focused on tenets of positive psychology in a Leaders At Their Best initiative.  From increasing both self-compassion and compassion towards others to strenghtening community and hope, CAPS encourages our U-M students to prioritize mental health and psychological well-being.  Here are just a few more highlighted efforts that are in sync with this new campus-wide campaign:

Find more information on Self-Compassion from the latest College Student Mental Health Survey from CAPS HERE.

The University Record recently published an article covering the campaign.  Find the University Record article HERE.