U-M Counseling and Psychological Services

Positive Chalking Event Referenced in The University Record

Monday, September 26, 2016:  Counseling and Psychological Services hosted a positive chalking event on the Diag prior to the first Presidential Debate.  Many students stopped by to share their support and chalk their own positive message for others to see.

The University Record noted this event in an article about racist fliers that were found in Haven and Mason Hall that same morning.

CAPS now on Mcard

A recent article on the UM Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion web page has featured CAPS efforts to increase mental health support on campus.  Every student receives an Mcard to serve as their UM ID card for their career here at U of M.  Now, the Mcard has CAPS After Hours Information on the back.  

CAPS Embedded Model a focus for Inside Higher Education Article

Several universities, including UM Counseling and Psychological Services, were highlighted in a recent article found in Inside Higher Education for their work with embedding counselors around campus.  This has proven to be a new way to address needs of students and expand access to mental health support.   

CAPS and Central Student Government Host Mental Health Summit

On Saturday, November 14th, CAPS and the Central Student Government partnered to host the first Student Mental Health Group Summit.

Many student groups focused on mental health have been created in just the past few years.  In a effort to coordinate all these great efforts, CAPS and CSG organized this summit.

Michigan Daily was there to cover the event.  See the article written by Caitlin Reedy HERE.

Mental Health Student Group Summit