Training Philosophy and Aims


The intent of our Doctoral Internship in Health Service Psychology is to provide a broadly based and integrated scholar-practitioner program for this capstone year of graduate training in clinical or counseling psychology. The application of psychological science is at the foundation of developmentally sequenced experiential learning in multiple intervention modalities, and is supported by intensive supervision, seminar experiences, opportunities for role models and mentors, and a commitment to life-long learning.

Our internship is designed to prepare ethical and multiculturally sensitive professional psychologists who can move with competence, creativity and flexibility into a variety of positions providing clinical, consultation and outreach services to adults in outpatient settings, and providing training to students and other clinicians. Self-reflection and interpersonal dialogue are highly valued aspects of our training. Supervisors and seminar facilitators encourage, but never require, self-disclosure of personal information that may facilitate or hinder psychological practice or collegial relationships.

We value our multicultural, multidisciplinary and multitheoretical learning and working environment. Enhancement of multicultural skills is an important aspect of our program, with interns participating in a weekly multicultural seminar and staff actively engaged in examining our own multiple identities. Our staff and training program is multidisciplinary, involving clinical psychologists, counseling psychologists, clinical social workers, licensed professional counselors, and case managers. The diverse theoretical approaches utilized by staff enrich our work while our shared awareness of developmental issues and of brief therapy provide common ground.

Training Aims

The University of Michigan Counseling and Psychological Services' Doctoral Internship in Health Service Psychology seeks to provide a broadly-based scholar-practitioner program for this capstone year of graduate training in clinical or counseling psychology. The aims of our internship are to develop professionals who attain at least minimum expectations in all required professional competencies through:

  • A substantial body of clinical experience, supported by developmentally sequenced experiential learning.
  • An understanding of the importance of outreach and consultation and are able to provide these services.
  • Making meaningful contributions to training programs.
  • Working successfully in multidisciplinary environments, have the knowledge, skills, and awareness for multiculturally competent work, and are able to integrate multiple theoretical perspectives into their therapeutic interventions.
  • Integrating science into practice and valuing the contributions of practice to psychological science.
  • Developing a clear and strong professional identity.

We expect that students will contribute to the CAPS mission through engaging in the work of the agency. However, we recognize that the trainee is a student and therefore will not be held to the same work expectations as permanent staff.

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