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Clinical Services

Initial Consultation (IC):  These are half-hour discussions with students within 1-3 days of a student seeking CAPS services.  Collaboratively, the counselor and student make decisions about the most effective next steps for support or treatment.

First Counseling Appointments(FCA):A simultaneous process of evaluation and beginning brief work or a referral. Interns provide two FA’s each week; students seen for an FCA generally continue as clients with that therapist

Ongoing Appointments: The philosophy and policy of CAPS is to provide brief therapy, but there is no set number of or limitations to appointments. Interns, with supervisor consultation, learn to manage their client load of 5-10 clients per week.

Winter Semester: Counselor on Duty (COD): Each intern provides 2-3 hours weekly of crisis service, which includes walk-in clients and consultations to faculty, staff and concerned others. CAPS does not provide after-hours crisis intervention.

Fall Semester Groups: Interns are paired with a permanent staff member to provide  group in the Fall semester. Opportunities may also be available to provide semi-structured and/or psychoeducational groups, or single-session workshops.

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