Learning Supports

Individual Supervision

Two hours per week of individual supervision are provided for both fall and winter semesters.

Seminars and Modules

Service delivery and supervision are supported and enhanced by a variety of seminars, training modules, and case conference experiences, including:

Orientation: Internship begins with two weeks of intensive training designed to introduce CAPS, our various service delivery areas, and to outline the internship expectations. Orientation modules on brief therapy, group work and crisis interventions continue through the first month as interns begin to see clients. There is also time to meet staff and intern peers, and for logistics such as setting up computer and email systems and settling into office spaces.

Multicultural Seminar: Two-hours weekly, fall and winter terms; explores through a primarily experiential format experiences, issues, concepts and skills relevant to becoming a multiculturally sensitive practitioner and individual. In this seminar interns will be asked to reflect and explore with others in the intern group their personal and professional edges of awareness, knowledge and skills regarding cultural and individual differences. According with NASW ethical principles, interns are encouraged (but never required) to share personal histories and information that will contribute to their educational experience and personal/professional growth. Facilitators and group members pay careful attention to creating a safe environment for these dialogues.

Practice Issues: 90 minutes every other week in fall term and monthly in winter term; examines approaches to clinical issues and brief therapy through presentations, discussion, and case exploration.

Outreach Seminar: 90 minutes every other week in fall term and monthly in winter term; examines approaches to increasing college student mental health awareness through prevention, awareness, education and stigma reduction.

Group Seminar: 90 minutes every other week in fall term and monthly in winter term; examines approaches to therapy group clinical issues through presentations, discussion, and case exploration.

Clinical Team (Case Conference): Clinical Team meets 1 hour and provides an opportunity in which social work interns and senior staff can informally discuss clinical issues in a group setting from a social work perspective, such as social justice, systems, empowerment and person in the environment approaches.

Professional Development Meetings: In an effort to develop professionals who have a clear and strong professional identity, the Assistant Director for Social Work Training will meet with trainees regularly. In these meetings, trainees will have the opportunity to explore concerns related to both their professional and career development.

In addition interns will meet with the Associate Director/Training Director periodically, to discuss progress, goals, and other programmatic issues.

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