Training Philosophy and Goals


Our social work internship is designed to prepare ethical and multiculturally sensitive professional clinical social workers who can move with competence, creativity and flexibility into a variety of professional positions. Of particular distinction in social work education and philosophy are the emphases on empowerment, advocacy, social welfare and justice; as well as ecological, theoretical and practice approaches to clinical work.

We value our multicultural, multidisciplinary and multitheoretical learning and working environment. Enhancement of multicultural skills is an important aspect of our program, with interns participating in a weekly multicultural seminar and staff actively engaged in examining our own multiple identities. Our staff and training program is interdisciplinary, involving clinical social workers, clinical psychologists, and counseling psychologists. The diverse theoretical approaches utilized by staff enrich our work while our shared awareness of developmental issues and of brief therapy provide common ground.


The goals of this social work training program is to provide:

  • A comprehensive program of professional development and mentoring to assist in the development of a clear and strong professional clinical social worker identity
  • Exposure to the full range of services, therapeutic perspectives, and methodologies offered by CAPS, and the opportunity to gain a substantial and varied body of clinical experience
  • Enhancement of skill development within the context of brief therapy in a multidisciplinary and multicultural practice

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