Training Philosophy and Goals


We value our multicultural, multidisciplinary, and multi-theoretical learning and working environment. Openness to the ‘3M Model’, as we often refer to it, is critical to the training year at CAPS. We recognize that trainees come to us with differing levels of clinical experience, differing exposure regarding aspects of diversity, and differing schools of thought. Our staff and training programs are multidisciplinary, involving clinical social workers, clinical and counseling psychologists, and administrative support staff. The diverse theoretical approaches utilized by staff enrich our work, while our shared awareness of developmental issues and of brief therapy provide common ground.


We are committed to providing to each student:

  • A comprehensive program of professional development and mentoring to assist in developing a strong professional identity.
  • An environment where challenge is coupled with encouragement and support, and psychological science is interwoven in clinical practice.
  • Exposure to a variety of therapeutic perspectives, and methodologies offered by CAPS and the opportunity to work with diverse clients and/or presenting concerns.

We expect that trainees will contribute to the CAPS mission through engaging in the work of the agency. However, we recognize that the trainee is a student and therefore will not be held to the same work expectations as permanent staff.

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