U-M Counseling and Psychological Services


Practicum begins with a one day orientation in early September designed to get acquainted with staff and other trainees, as well as to introduce them to agency policies and procedures, space, technology and other logistical matters.

Individual Supervision

One hour per week of individual supervision are provided for both fall and winter semesters. Trainees are supervised by a Psychology Post-doctoral Fellow during the Fall and a Psychology Pre-doc Intern during the winter. The Post and Pre-doc trainees, in their role as supervisors, are supervised by Licensed Psychologists.

Practicum Seminar

Two hours weekly throughout the academic year. The Fall semester comprises mainly of presentations by staff on relevant clinical issues. The Winter semester is facilitated by the Practicum Coordinator and is divided between general group supervision and trainee case presentations.


At the beginning of the Winter semester, Practicum trainees will be given the opportunity to connect with a permanent staff in a mentoring capacity. This relationship will be non-evaluative and confidential. Since this role is completely voluntary (and in addition to the normal staff responsibilities), the availability of mentors may differ from year to year. Every effort will be made to assign a Practicum trainee to a mentor.

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