Training Philosophy and Goals


The intent of this program is to support new professionals during the transition from internship to licensure. Completing this 2,000 hour Fellowship meets the hours requirement to be a licensed psychologist in Michigan.

Fundamental to this program is our value of working in a multicultural, multi-disciplinary and multi-theoretical environment, which we believe enriches us both personally and professionally. We strive to create a micro-community at CAPS that reflects the university and mental health fields at large. Post-Doc’s are expected to value and respect collaboration, teamwork, effective conflict processes, self-awareness, and openness to learning.

The training foundation of this program is experiential learning, supported by supervision, mentoring, and a seminar series. Fellows are evaluated 3 times per year: at the end of fall semester (December), end of winter semester (April) and end of spring/summer semesters (August). Post-Doc’s also participate in staff meetings (including in-service training), clinical consultation teams, and agency work teams and committees


The goals of our Post–Doctoral Fellowship program are to develop:

  • Advanced skills in assessment and diagnosis appropriate to college counseling center work (e.g. taking into account cultural factors, developmental issues and mental illness)
  • Advanced skills in providing brief counseling and psychotherapy (individuals, groups and possibly couples)
  • Advanced crisis intervention and consultation skills with individuals and within the university community
  • An area of specialization
  • Additional skills as a trainer and clinical supervisor
  • Additional outreach and education/prevention presentation skills
  • Increased confidence in the role of a psychology professional

Fellows are provided with a handbook and copy of the due process/grievance procedures during orientation. A copy can be requested from Todd Sevig ([email protected]) at any time prior to the start of the fellowship. 

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