Supports Over Spring and Summer Semesters

It can be confusing to know what resources are available to you during the Spring/Summer terms. Luckily there are many resources you can access right now no matter what your enrollment status is or where you are located. Below is a list of resources to use.

  • Togetherall - A safe, virtual space to anonymously interact with and seek mental health and wellbeing support from peers.
  • UWill - UWill offers free access to teletherapy that is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week throughout the year to all U-M students, regardless of their location.
  • Stressbusters App - A free app tailored to meet the wellness needs of U-M students by providing tools to increase calmness and focus. Tools include, but are not limited to, guided breathing meditations, progressive muscle relaxation, and sleep tips.
  • MiTalk - Self-help website on a variety of mental health topics affecting U-M students.
  • Online Anonymous Screenings - Completely anonymous and confidential, fill out a brief questionnaire on a topic(s) of choice: overall well-being, mood changes, worry, sadness, trauma, drinking habits, gambling behavior, eating habits, and substance use. Upon completion, you will be provided with your results and recommendations.
  • Counseling at CAPS - If you are enrolled, you have access to ongoing services throughout the Spring/Summer terms. If you are not enrolled, you are eligible for a 1 time consultation.
  • CAPS After Hours - Available when CAPS is closed. U-M CAPS After Hours offers clinical support by a mental health professional to any U-M student or any person concerned about a U-M student.