Mental Health Student Groups

Many University of Michigan students are choosing to engage in mental health efforts on campus.  More than ever, these students are passionate about helping their friends, reducing stigma, and making the University of Michigan an environment where no student feels they have to struggle alone.  

CAPS encourages these efforts in our community, and offers three student groups of our own with the CAPS Student Advisory Board, CAPS In Action, and Wolverine Support Network.

  • CAPS Student Advisory Board
    • The CAPS SAB is a diverse group of undergraduate and graduate students who advise CAPS on matters of mental health outreach to all students, provides input on various agency decisions, and is involved in staff searches.
  • CAPS In Action
    • CIA is for University of Michigan students who are dedicated to making the U of M community a more holistically healthy environment. This is an active and hands-on group, focused on creating and implementing mental health outreach efforts that empower students to enhance a culture of care and inclusion. CIA is facilitated by CAPS professionals and supports CAPS outreach initiatives.
  • Wolverine Support network
    • CAPS also meets weekly, provides training, and collaborates with Wolverine Support Network. Wolverine Support Network is a student organization dedicated to promoting the emotional well being of students and creating a supportive campus community united against the stigmas of mental health issues. WSN establishes peer-to-peer support groups in which students can share their struggles with peers in a safe, healthy, and confidential way. Student leaders are trained to drive conversation in a constructive way, respectful of all aspects of an individual’s identity.

Interested in finding out more about all the student groups on campus focused on mental health? Here is the list:

  • Active Minds
    • A mental health advocacy organization that aims to promote mental wellness, de-stigmatize mental illness and connect students to mental health resources at the University of Michigan. Through our on-campus events, we hope to spark discussion and help cultivate a campus that is knowledgeable and passionate about mental health.
  • Awaken Ann Arbor
    • An inclusive community started in Fall 2014, dedicated to non-dogmatic spiritual growth through a unique approach of practicing meditation, discovering one’s purpose and engaging in meaningful action. Our weekly meetings consists of guided meditation sessions led by certified teachers who are also university students, discussions on topics related to spiritual growth or finding purpose, and activities and talks from people who come from various spiritual backgrounds. We meet Sundays at 2:00 pm.
  • Depression Center Student Advisory Board
    • The Depression Center Student Advisory Board is comprised of students who provide input and perspective regarding the Center’s outreach and education initiatives; help to create new programming to engage and inform U-M students; and connect with other mental-health related student groups and activities at U-M
  • Central Student Government: Student Health and Saftey Commission
    • The Student Health and Safety Commission (SHSC) is an executive commission within the Central Student Government (CSG) dedicated to promoting various aspects of health (mental, physical, sexual..etc) and safety of all students on campus.
  • Healthy Minds Student Leadership Coalition
    • The Healthy Minds coalition is an organization that brings together students from across campus who represent a variety of communities at Michigan, to change the conversation around mental health. Our two main projects are the Tinyshifts National Film Competition in the fall semester and the Mental Health Monologues show each winter semester.
  • National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) on Campus
    • NAMI on Campus acts as an extension of the largest grass-roots mental health organization in America, the National Alliance of Mental Illness. NAMI on Campus is a student-run mental health policy organization that aims to tackle mental health issues on campus by raising awareness and educating the community with a special focus on advocating for progressive mental health law and policy change.
    • PULSE is a student-run, UHS-sponsored organization promoting health, wellness, and social justice across campus through peer interactions, informative programming, and campus-wide collaborations. PULSE members help students maintain or enhance their health and wellness, and create an inclusive community.
  • Students For Mental Health
    • Students for Mental Health is a completely student-run organization dedicated to promoting mental wellness on campus and improving life at Michigan for all those who have or are affected by mental illness. Our mission is to advocate for mental health and raise awareness through our education initiatives while also promoting a healthy lifestyle and ensuring that students have access to all the resources available to them on campus
  • Students for Recovery
    • Students for Recovery welcomes anyone who is in recovery, affected by another person’s addiction, or supportive of our group's mission. The mission of SFR is to promote the academic and social well-being of all who wish to join through service, community, and fun.