Considering Your CAPS Clinical Options

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CAPS Clinical Resources

All of our clinical resources are designed to support your personal and academic success as an enrolled UM student.  Allocating clinical resources requires constant decision making to balance new requests for services, crisis/urgent needs, and on-going clinical care.  Following is some information about a number of factors considered when we engage in collaborative decision making about clinical services with students.


Clients attend on average 3.5 sessions.

The percent of students seen for 1-4 sessions.

Decisions to provide more than 5 individual sessions of therapy involve a number of considerations including: complex reactions to traumatic events; not having insurance or being under-insured or out-of-state insurance; not having access to transportation or a schedule that fits with off-campus services; or experiencing a high degree of social stigma based on a social identity group that makes CAPS the safest or most comfortable resource on campus or in the community.

Each semester CAPS offers over 20 clinical groups and workshops that address a variety of needs for both therapy and support.

Provides support for a variety of needs including crisis and urgent concerns; coordinated care and complex situations; and connecting with off-campus resources for students whose are beyond the scope of care for CAPS.

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