Stressbusters Wellness Mobile App

The Stressbusters app now in its second year at U of M, which is produced by the national Stressbusters wellness program, makes it possible for students and others in the UM community to view, share, store and use campus event announcements, news alerts, student and department videos, one-touch dial emergency buttons, health tips, surveys and other features, directly on their Android and iOS mobile devices.

The app is continuously updated and always available with interactive features including:

  • Daily Messages:  short messages written by UM students, as well as a team of faculty, staff, parents, administrators, counselors, alums – specifically for UM students and all focused on emotional health, maintaining perspective, and just plain fun things to help get through the day.
  • Break Pad: a ‘sonic spa’ featuring Quick Calm, Go Coastal, The Tranquilizer and other audio tracks to increase calm and focus.
  • Videostream:  a channel of changing videos from the CAPS SAB developed just for the app, along with Stressbusters how-to segments, expert interviews, and other relevant short videos.
  • Health Rewards:  an initiative designed like an airline frequent flyer program that awards accumulating points for participation in CAPS and other UM wellness activities.  The rewards will be UM items, various discounts, and some special surprise rewards.
  • App users can: share information, event announcements, resources and photos via Facebook, Twitter, email and text. They can also voice their opinions on polls and surveys, instantly access community support services, get special offers and discounts from local businesses, and participate in video, photo and other contests.

The Stressbusters app is available for download in Apple’s App Store and Google Play for Android devices at no cost. Future versions of the app that will expand its stress relief and wellness offerings are already in development.  

The app for the Michigan student community has been made possible by the generosity of Robert and Kimberly Gatof.