Time Management

Where Does The Time Go?

You are checking your email, facebook, and twitter, thinking about what classes you have tomorrow, and trying to remember what room that meeting is in when your mother calls you, your best friend texts you, and you hear a knock at the door, signaling that your study date has arrived.

Most people feel that doing what needs to be done, by the time it needs to be done, and still getting enough rest and relaxation to enjoy life are difficult. Most people feel that having good time management skills are a part of one’s personality, a quality out of their control.

Time management is a skill that one learns and practices. It is within your control to attain, and your projects and life goals are worth attaining it.

Yes, it is something one works to acquire. No, it is not something you are born with. No, no one manages their time perfectly. Yes, everyone must put in effort to manage their time effectively. Yes, time management is always a work in progress. Yes, you can peck away at improving your time management bit by bit, by starting right here!

How to Gain Control Back Over Your Own Schedule

There are many strategies you can try, observing your own patterns. You can take back the control over your own schedule. Lastly, but most importantly:

If you want to improve your time management skills, chances are you already take on far more tasks that require far more time and energy, than clicking through a short time management workshop.

HERE are some ideas to keep in mind when you feel there is never enough time.

When to Get Help

If you feel trapped, behind in your school work, stuck, and you want more information or just to talk to someone about how to help yourself or a friend, please see Campus Specific Resources.