Never Enough Time

Where does the time seem to go?  Top things to keep in mind when it comes to time management

  • There are only 24 hrs in a day and you need to decide how you are going to use that time (prioritize what needs to get done).
  • If you already do a good job at setting up your schedule but find that you don’t get things done address the factors that interfere.

These factors could be:

  • friends
  • activities
  • study skills or personal
  • issues (perfectionism, procrastination, etc.).

An important part of time management is taking care of yourself so that you can attend to the many things you have to do. Where does your time go? Prioritizing what needs to get done . . .

  • Set up a schedule (include your classes, work, study time, activities, etc.) and develop to To-Do lists.
  • Addressing the factors that interfere with your ability to get things done . . .
  • Notice how other misuse your time and set up an agreement regarding study times. (This may include learning to say no).
  • Use good study skills so that you make the most of your study time (add link to study skills info).

The importance of taking care of yourself . . .

  • Plan some time in your schedule for relaxation and taking care of yourself. (Proper self-care helps you stay healthy, study more efficiently, thus you get more done.
  • Conversely, bad self-care leads to health problems, and less efficient studying, thus you get less done)