Special Focus On International Student Support

Given the recent immigration restrictions, and concerns around further restrictions, it is not uncommon to be feeling a range of complex feelings, including fear, uncertainty, anger and sadness, that make it difficult to focus on everyday life demands.  CAPS is here to help. We know that these events have affected many of you, be it as a direct target or as someone who cares about how this is negatively affecting your friends and classmates.
We are here to help you and ​are offering various services:

Indvidual Support

All students can access CAPS services by either scheduling an appointment within a few days or by requesting to see the "counselor on duty" the same day they walk in. The wait for scheduled appointments varies each day and averages 3-4 days from request to appointment. ​Any student can request to see a particular counselor; ​s​ome of our staff are from countries elsewhere in the world, some have been "international students" themselves, and we speak a variety of languages ranging from conversational to the ability to provide counseling in that language.
Find out more information about our staff: Meet the Staff
Languages spoken, in addition to English: Mandarin, Japanese, Arabic, Spanish, Hindi (Urdu), German, French, Portuguese.

The International Student Lunch ​Conversations (co-sponsored with the International Center)

These are open to all international students and are spaces where students can discuss various topics and connect with one another. These Lunch Conversations are also spaces for international students to discuss the recent immigration restrictions and their distress related to these restrictions. Find more information HERE.