U-M Counseling and Psychological Services

Clinical Services:
Short-term individual therapy services are available for currently enrolled U-M students in the respective schools and colleges.

  • Email the embedded counselor to request an “Initial Consultation”
  • Initial Consultation Meeting – Involves initial paperwork (~15 minutes) where you will be asked to sign a consent form and complete the confidential computerized intake paperwork process and a consultation with the CAPS counselor to determine the best way to meet your counseling needs (30 minute appointment)

What you can expect during your face-to-face Initial Consultation (IC) meeting with a CAPS counselor:

  • Discuss the concern(s) that brought you to seek services
  • During an IC, if you are in crisis or have a more urgent situation, you may be referred to Psychiatric Emergency Services (PES) for immediate help.

We will collaboratively make decisions for the most effective next steps for treatment that include the following possible options:
1. On-going counseling for brief, solution focused individual counseling
2. Participation in a CAPS therapeutic group
3. Participation in a CAPS clinical workshop
4. Participation in one of our three in-depth screening services (~3 sessions) for alcohol/other other drug issues, ADHD, or eating issues.
5. Connect with a CAPS Case Manager for comprehensive treatment planning for treatment elsewhere on campus or in the Ann Arbor community
6. Connection to other UM resources that support mental health care
7. Referral to a community mental health provider for open-ended therapeutic treatment