Consultation Services

Consultation Services For Student Concerns

Often, you as a staff or faculty person will be one of the first persons to find out that a student is having personal problems that are interfering with their academic success or daily lives. The student may come to you for academic advising, or visit during office hours, send you an email, etc. and share personal concerns with you.

In these situations, CAPS is available for assistance in a number of ways. If you would like to consult with one of our professional staff to help you figure out what steps might be taken to help the student, please call 764.8312 and ask to speak to the Counselor on Duty. Our staff is available for this service during our normal business hours.

If you have an urgent mental health need after CAPS business hours, please call CAPS After Hours.

Consultation with our Crisis Response Team

Our Crisis Response Team focuses on the mental health needs of students and offers guidance to staff and faculty in times of crisis or trauma affecting your department.

Other Consultation Services

Sometimes you might like to talk to one of our professional staff members for assistance in program planning, referral questions, interpersonal and communication difficulties in groups and organizations.  Please call 764.8312 and ask to speak to the Counselor on Duty as the first step for assistance.