Tyler Perala, LMSW

Tyler Perala, LMSW
Pronouns they/them/their
Job Title
Case Manager
University of Michigan School of Social Work
Professional Interests:
- social justice
- queer studies
- feminist approaches to clinical practice
- relationship issues
- positive psychology
- case management
Approach to Therapy:
My clinical work with clients is integrative in nature, but the overarching framework is informed by Relational-Cultural Therapy. This feminist approach creates an emphasis on compassion, strength, relationships, process, authenticity, respect, and of course, cultural context. I utilize elements of CBT, psychodynamic theory, and solution-focused therapy (just to name a few) when called for. Ultimately, the work I do isn't guided by a single modality, but rather, the client themselves.
Approach to Wellness:
Nothing makes me feel as rejuvenated and alive as spending quality time with my loved ones. I've come to the conclusion that how that time together is shared really doesn't matter; it's simply the connection and time itself that fosters joy and healing. However, I also find wellness through the love of my fur babies, playing video games, watching TV, and listening to music.
Campus Liaison Relationships:
- Office of Financial Aid