Sierra Makl, LLMSW

Sierra Makl, LLMSW
Job Title
Initial Access Specialist
University of Michigan, School of Social Work
Professional Interests:
- Human-Animal Connection
- Neurodivergence
- Emotion Regulation
- LGBTQIA+ Issues
Approach to Therapy:
I utilize strengths-based approaches to help empower and uplift my clients to work towards reaching their goals and dreams while utilizing various therapeutic theories to help provide evidence-based skills and strategies to cope with difficult life and mental health challenges. I believe the client is always the expert in their own experiences and understand that sometimes we all need a helping hand. I partner with my clients to help enhance communication skills, emotional intelligence, gain access to resources, and expand their coping skills. My goal in this process is to walk alongside you on this journey.
Approach to Wellness:
My approach to wellness is to find balance between various sectors of selfcare. I find wellness in my life by taking care of my emotional, physical, spiritual, and inner-child needs through various means such as play, mindfulness, and therapy of my own. A few ways I practice wellness are by connecting with plants and dirt, and spending time with my animals.