Pamela Harnick, Psy.D.

Pamela Harnick, Psy.D.
Job Title
Embedded Psychologist, School of Dentistry
Nova Southeastern University
Professional Interests:
- Trauma, including early childhood trauma and sexual violence
- Life transitions
- Identity development
- LGBTQ issues
- Relationship difficulties
- Depression
- Anxiety
- Grief and Loss
- Eating and body image issues
Approach to Therapy:
The core of my therapeutic work is the development of an empathic relationship. I strive to provide a comfortable, safe environment in which students feel free to express themselves, to understand what holds them back and causes distress, and to take the steps necessary to move forward. My attuned, respectful manner helps people overcome painful anxiety, shame, depression, relationship difficulties, job/school stress, trauma, identity and eating issues. While I have extensive training in psychoanalytically informed psychotherapy, my years of experience have taught me that no one theory or method is suited to all individuals at all times. Thus, I integrate contemporary psychodynamic, cognitive-behavioral, interpersonal, family systems, mind-body, and existential approaches.
Approach to Wellness:
With demands of work and family, I find I must continually recommit to achieving wellness and balance in my life. I’ve learned to cherish peaceful moments alone, especially reading or spending time in nature. I also greatly value my deep connections with close friends and family and I make it a point to nourish these valuable relationships. Finally, exercise and good music help me maintain my energy and mood.
Supervisory Style:
My supervisory style is collaborative and developmental and I strive to create a warm, safe environment in which supervisees can be vulnerable and open to learning. I encourage supervisees to find their own voice while recognizing that guidance from mentors can be helpful and grounding when appropriate. I encourage supervisees to gain comfort with in the moment processing and incorporate evolving case conceptualization.
Campus Liaison Relationships:
- School of Dentistry