Giana Congiusta, LLMSW

Giana Congiusta, LLMSW
Pronouns she/her/hers
Job Title
Post MSW Fellow
New York University Silver School of Social Work
Professional Interests:
- Working with first-generation college students
- Adjustment issues
- Identity development
- Relationship dynamics
- Care management & connection to resources
- Self-compassion strategies
- Mindfulness-based interventions
Approach to Therapy:
I take a collaborative, holistic, and relational approach to therapy that allows the client to be the expert in their own experience. I try to create a non-judgmental space for clients to process and contextualize their experiences within the systems, relationships and positions within which we operate. I strive to build a positive therapeutic relationship while engaging in goal-oriented approaches in order to create connections to resources, tools and skills best-fit for you.
Approach to Wellness:
My approach to wellness is rooted in making and taking the time for one's self with the intention to feel more grounded and centered. Some things that I enjoy for my own wellness are spending time in nature, quality time with loved ones, taking long walks, deep breaths and writing in my journal.
Supervisory Style:
My style to supervision is mainly pillared on a supervisee-centered, collaborative, and strengths-based approach. I draw from a developmental framework and place emphasis on the supervisory relationship as a base to help build confidence and develop a supervisee's unique clinical voice. I hope to cultivate an open, non-judgmental, dynamic space that allows supervisees to express their authentic selves, both personally and professionally.