Amanda Byrnes, LMSW

Amanda Byrnes, LMSW
Pronouns she/her/hers
Job Title
Coordinator of Case Management
Dominican University
Professional Interests:
- mood concerns
- suicide prevention
- positive psychology
- resilience
- resource connection
- the impact of social and cultural environment on identity development
Approach to Therapy:
I take a feminist, multicultural, and interpersonal approach to my therapeutic work. I am interested in mindfulness for managing mood concerns and for overall wellness; I encourage dance, art, coloring books, knitting, and other less ‘traditional’ forms of mindfulness. I hope to work collaboratively with clients to identify and build upon strengths, and empower them to make changes.

As a social worker and the Case Manager at CAPS, I operate from a systems perspective—family, classes, living situation, national and international events all have an impact on our mental and emotional health, and my work takes these into account as we think about the full picture of a client’s life. I also aim to break down barriers among these systems so that clients can access the resources they need (ongoing therapeutic support, medication, food, housing) to be well.
Approach to Wellness:
I believe that dedicating time to relaxation and things we enjoy is not optional—it is vital. Sometimes I need to connect with friends and family to feel well; other times I need to spend a morning or evening on my own to take care of myself. Cooking helps me to relax, and I love trying new vegan meals! In the summertime, wellness means being outside as much as possible, either riding my bike or sitting on my porch with a good book.
Campus Liaison Relationships:
- The Dean of Students Office
- Psychiatric Emergency Services at UMHS (PES)
Campus and National Roles:
- Co-Chair of the UM Clinical Care Management Team
- Founding member of HECMA, the Higher Education Case Managers Association