Shire Sheahan, LLMSW

Pronouns they/them
Job Title
Post MSW Fellow
University of Denver, MSW
Kenyon College, BA in English, Theatre
Professional Interests:
- Grief & Loss
- Suicide & Suicide Loss
- Peer Support
- Friendship & Relationship Issues
- Post-Traumatic Stress
- Queer Identity & Community
- Systemic Oppression
- Music, Art, and Nature in therapy
Approach to Therapy:
My approach to therapy is rooted in compassion, abolition, and authentic human connection. I care about meeting people where they are—within the systems that affect us—with curiosity, humility, and earned trust. We might explore different parts of ourselves that are in conflict and develop compassion towards them (IFS), we might explore attachment and relationships with others (EFT), or explore the stories that affect our lives (Narrative). IFS, EFT, Narrative Therapy, ACT, DBT, Somatic Therapy, Experiential Therapy, Zen Buddhist mindfulness, and countless good teachers and radical peers play a part in my approach.
Approach to Wellness:
Wellness and safety are inextricably linked. Safety can look like relief and intentionality in our environment or in our social structures, but also in how we talk to ourselves, in our relationships, and in our bodies/nervous systems. All of these levels of experience deserve our attention when thinking of wellness, especially in therapy. For me, engaging with these levels includes learning from others (listening to a good lecture, learning a new skill or perspective), taking long walks, reading poetry in nature, writing & playing music, falling asleep on the couch with my cat, honoring my grief, and being there for my friends.