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CAPS Wellness Week Workshops: April 19th-23rd, 2021

Needs a break from all finals stress? CAPS has got your back!

Come join us from 2-3pm everyday between April 19th - April 23rd as we host daily wellness workshops, focused on connecting with each other and having fun as a community!

Atrtend as many as you would like! 

Click on the wokrshop below to register:

EVERYbody Project-Connect

The EVERYbody Project-Connect

The EVERYbody Project-Connect is a body acceptance workshop that supports students in directly challenging the cultural messages that appearance should fit within a narrow set of "ideals" that exclude diverse bodies based on race, gender, sexuality, and ability.

This workshop is open to all undergraduate and graduate students of all identities.

Join us for a virtual Workshop #1 on:

  • Friday, April 2 1-3PM &
  • Friday, April 9 1-3PM


Workshop #2 on:

Solidarity with the Asian Pacific Islander Desi/American (APID/A)  Communities

CAPS stands in solidarity with the Asian Pacific Islander Desi/American (APID/A)  communities in the face of the most recent attacks, murders, and expressions of anti-Asian bias and violence.  These acts of hate, in the context of the global pandemic, the attack on the US Capital, and acts of racial violence against Black communities are undoubtedly impacting the mental health and well-being of our student communities.  Direct and indirect exposure to such events is troubling, concerning, and can be traumatizing and result in many emotional and physical reactions.

Services for Students Outside of Michigan

With increasing numbers of enrolled UM students living outside the state of Michigan (inlcuding outside the United States), we would like to highlight the services CAPS is offering to these students.

If you have started counseling support at CAPS while in Michigan and then move out of the state of Michigan, you can continue working with your CAPS counselor.


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