Student Veterans - Transitions

Your transition to the University of Michigan can be a rewarding and challenging time.  From campus life, to academic schedules, to housing options- coming to Michigan is full of growth opportunities.

Student veterans often return to college after active duty, which may include deployment to another country.  An adjustment to college might also mean re-acclimating yourself to life in the United States, including a small city like Ann Arbor! Many student vets learn not only to adjust, but also to thrive on a college campus where classes, extracurricular activities, football games, and research projects seem to take top priority.

The process of taking courses at the University of Michigan is often a transition in itself, especially if you are coming from a fast-paced military experience.  Academic life tends to move more slowly than other environments.  

As a student veteran, you might find yourself older than many of your classmates.  While many adult students are returning to college, it can still be a unique experience to be the senior student in a classroom.  With age; however, comes life experience and maturity— so don’t be surprised if your colleagues come to you for advice and leadership.  But don’t underestimate the wisdom and experience of younger students.  They can be incredibly helpful while learning to adjust to life at U-M.  

Finally, finding housing to meet your current life situation might need special attention.  Whether you’re looking for that residence hall experience, a home for you and your family, or an apartment away from all the hustle-bustle of town, the University of Michigan has many resources dedicated to helping you find your home away from home. 

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