U-M Counseling and Psychological Services

We Stand for All Students: CAPS Support of International Students Following Immigration Restriction Policy Changes

The staff at UM Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) stand along side President Schlissel, and the entire university administration, in support of our diverse International Student community:

Core to the CAPS mission is direct support for all students, and CAPS is a confidential resource for mental health support.  Please be aware that the CAPS adheres to confidentiality rules established by the State of Michigan (state law) as well as our various ethical codes of conduct from the American Psychological Association, the National Association of Social Workers, and the American Psychiatric Association. Without the student's written permission, confirmation of appointments and the release of the content of discussions with counselors--including immigration, visa, and resident status--cannot legally be disclosed to anyone outside of the CAPS staff. Please refer to our full confidentiality statement HERE.  

Given the recent immigration restrictions, and concerns around further restrictions, it is not uncommon for students, particularly International Students, to be feeling a range of complex feelings, including fear, uncertainty, anger and sadness, that make it difficult to focus on everyday life demands.  CAPS is here to help.  We have free and confidential individual counseling, group counseling, and student events, some of which are specific spaces for International Students:

Our services for students are developed in concert with the above named ethical codes of conduct:

  • The American Psychological Association Ethical Principles of Psychologists and the Code of Conduct, Principle E states that " psychologists are aware of and respect cultural, individual and role differences, including those based on age, gender, gender identity, race, ethnicity, culture, national origin, religion, sexual orientation, disability, language and socioeconomic status...........Psychologists try to eliminate the effect on their work of biases based on those factors, and they do not knowingly participate in or condone activities of others based upon such prejudices."
  • The National Association of Social Workers (NASW) states that "social workers should act to prevent and eliminate domination of, exploitation of, and discrimination against any person, group, or class on the basis of race, ethnicity, national origin, color, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, age, marital status, political belief, religion, immigration status, or mental or physical disability."
  • And, the American Psychiatric Association (APA) and American Medical Association Principles state that "a psychiatrist should not be a party to any type of policy that excludes, segregates, or demeans the dignity of any patient because of ethnic origin, race, sex, creed, age, socioeconomic status, or sexual orientation."

CAPS is here for you.

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