U-M Counseling and Psychological Services

Do something: Stop Student Suicide: we can all change the story
  • What if……. the number of deaths by suicide was zero each year?
  • How can we address and accomplish a culture of caring for students in any level of psychological distress?
  • How can we promote and give tools to enact 2 central themes of “hope” and “resiliency”?

These questions have driven CAPS to do something more around suicide prevention for our campus.  So, we started a new initiative to prevent student deaths by suicide.  

Our multi-year plan of action aims to change campus culture, to increase resiliency and hope, and to create an environment that is actively and visibly engaged in stopping student suicide.  Each of our partners will engage within their own units and with their own students to produce a project that contributes to stopping student suicide.

This effort is in the larger ongoing do something campaign, started in 2007, in which CAPS encourages the whole campus community to engage in student mental health support – whether it’s helping a student in a faculty/staff role, helping yourself as a student, or helping a friend, roommate, classmate.  Even if you don’t know exactly what to do – do something.  And, ‘do’ – it’s great to have awareness and knowledge and a value of helping and the desire to help but it’s not enough – we HAVE TO ACT.  In effect, we are strengthening our “community of caring” that includes CAPS and other mental health professional agencies and people who are not mental health professionals – in short, ALL OF US.

Phase 1 (2012-13):  Messages of Hope

Phase 2 (2013-14):  Inviting Campus Partners

Phase 3 (2014-15):  Engaging Student Organizations and Parents 

Phase 4 (2015-16):  Expanding the Work and Solidifying The New Campus Culture