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Sexual Violence 

Every 2 1/2 minutes somewhere in America, someone is sexually assaulted. It is one of the most experienced, yet least talked about common concerns across college and university campuses today. If you know someone who has been sexually harassed, or have been sexually harassed yourself, you are not alone.

Sexual harassment, sexual violence, domestic violence, at a basic level are very connected. They are some of the most disturbing, violating experiences anyone can go through. A common misconception about sexual assault, violence and rape is that it is caused by strangers. In fact, most survivors of sexual assault and violence personally know the perpetrator before hand. Another common myth is that sexual violence only happens to women, by men. But these roles to not have genders. People who commit sexual assault can be of any gender, and can take advantage of any gender, ethnicity, age, or cultural background.

It is very likely that someone you know and care about has been sexually assaulted or will be in their lifetime. Some of the best tools for people that have experienced sexual assault are supportive people in their lives that they can trust. Now is the time to understand what you or the person you care about has gone through or might go through so you can get or give the support the survivor deserves.