Quick Tips for Reaching Out to a Student

  • Talk to the student in private when both of you have time and are not rushed.
  • Listen to thoughts and feelings in a sensitive, non-threatening way.
  • Express your concern in specific nonjudgmental terms that reflect your concern for the well being of the student.
  • Let the student know that you believe a consultation with a staff member at CAPS could be helpful. If the student becomes defensive, simply restate your concerns and recommendations.
  • Making a Referral: You can help by telling the student that they can go to CAPS. They will need to fill out intake information and then can make an appointment for as soon as possible. If the student is in crisis and needs to see someone on the same day, they can indicate their need to see the Counselor on Duty. A Counselor on Duty is always available during CAPS business hours.