Outreach Workshop Topic Descriptions

All outreach presentations can be tailored to meet the specific needs and interests of the requestor or group. Please indicate your specific need or interest when submitting the workshop request form.  

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CAPS Workshop Topic Descriptions

CAPS 101

This workshop provides a brief introduction to all things CAPS! Learn about CAPS services, staff and outreach efforts on campus to promote mental health and overall wellness. This workshop also provides information on when to seek services at CAPS and how to set up an Initial Consultation with a CAPS counselor.

Cultural Adjustment / International Student Issues

This workshop will help address the challenges of adjusting to a new cultural environment, which can include adjusting to the culture of the University of Michigan, to Ann Arbor, or to the Midwest. This workshop may also focus on addressing the unique challenges of international students navigating the academic and social environment in the United States, or preparation for students who will be studying abroad.

Eating & Body Image Issues

This workshop will provide participants with an overview of issues related to eating disorders and body image. Participants will learn how to identify when someone may be struggling with an eating issue and what are the negative impacts of eating disorders. The workshop will then help participants learn how to approach a peer about these issues and provide information about resources available on campus. Participants may then also brainstorm ideas around creating a body positive attitude and community within a student or peer group.

Focus on Graduate/Professional Students

This workshop is designed specifically for graduate/professional students to explore some common challenges associated with this new chapter of life. Participants will explore issues such as adjustment to Graduate/Professional school, Imposter Syndrome, perfectionism, stress, isolation, and depression. Tips and resources will be provided to support graduate/professional students on campus.

Adjusting to UM

This workshop will explore the impacts of major life challenges and life transitions on our mental health and wellbeing. You will learn skills and tools to help alleviate the anxiety and keep moving forward.

Mindfulness for Wellness

Mindfulness has been recognized as a powerful tool for enhanced well being. Mindfulness techniques are effective for coping with stress, anxiety and improving overall quality of life. This is especially important for students in a competitive, busy and stressful academic setting. In this workshop, you will learn basic principles of mindfulness and practice a variety of ways of being in the present moment.

Positive Psychology, Resilience & Self-Compassion

This workshop is designed to promote overall functioning and wellness through increasing resilience and self-compassion. Focusing on the tenets of Positive Psychology and Mindfulness approaches, the participants will learn ways to develop a better tolerance for distress, letting go of their self-critical voices, being more compassionate to self and others, and to achieve a better sense of agency in their lives.

Procrastination & Time Management

Sometimes, procrastination is a lot more complicated than what people think. Explore reasons behind procrastination and the underlying thoughts and beliefs associated with this common behavior. Identify your own reasons for putting off tasks, learn and practice tools to create realistic goals, manage time better and reduce procrastination to increase productivity.

Progress, Not Perfection

Do you set very high standards for yourself or feel badly when you fall short? Does your desire to be the best prevent you from trying new things or taking risks? This workshop will help participants learn how maladaptive perfectionism can get in their way, especially within this highly competitive university setting. Participants will brainstorm and learn how to be a more adapative perfectionist who incorporates self-compassion into their lives.

Recognizing and Helping a Student in Distress

Learn what to look for in a friend or student who may be struggling with their mental health and how to approach that individual in a kind and constructive way. This workshop will provide tips about initiating a conversation with someone you are concerned about. Participants will also learn about resources available on campus and how to provide support and referrals to peers or students.

Stress Less

This workshop will help participants understand stress and the benefits and costs associated with stress in our lives. It will also help participants identify unhealthy or self-defeating ways of coping with stress, and learn new, healthy ways to cope with the stress in their everyday lives.


A CAPS representative may serve as a panelist focused on College Student Mental Health.


Share CAPS information during your resource fair.

Wellness Package (For non-CAPS professionals)

CAPS Wellness Package includes various presentations related to common mental health topics. This information is intended for facilitation by non-CAPS professionals. The presentations include facilitator/speaker notes, interactive discussion and activities, and mental health resources. In addition, the presentations are meant to be brief, 20-30min in length. However, they can be longer based on what content/information you would like to provide to the group. If you have any questions about the materials please contact [email protected]


  • Mindfulness
  • Boundaries
  • Stress/Time Management 
  • Wellness in a Socio-political Climate
  • Self-Compassion


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