Men at Michigan

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"Be a man" and "man up" are common phrases that are used in American culture and here at UM. For many men, these phrases imply that to qualify as a man, he must be tough, brave, knowledgeable, and show little to no emotion or pain. This places not only tremendous pressure on men to live up to those standards but also negates the unique qualities that make an individual his own kind of man. 

Masculinity is not a one size fits all. Rather it is defined by each individual and what they feel makes them a man. Therefore, masculinity is distinctive to the individual, looking different based on experiences, feelings, and culture. 

When it comes to men and mental health, men:

  1. Do not have to struggle alone

  2. Can ask for help and be honest with mental health challenges 

  3. Can know your resources and how to access them on campus

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