U-M Counseling and Psychological Services

Guidelines for requesting research involving CAPS
1. Researchers must submit proposals to CAPS two months prior to the semester they would like to conduct research.
2. Submit one complete copy of your “IRB eResearch application.” Print out a copy of your application from University of Michigan, Office of the Vice President for Research http://research.umich.edu/ovpr/
3. Include a copy of all attachments (e.g., informed consent, research instruments, participant debrief form, etc.) along with your IRB application.
4. Include a one-page document that delineate the following issues:
 a. Indicate how your study will contribute to the professional field, particularly in college student mental health.
b. Outline clearly the required involvement of CAPS staff and CAPS clients.
c. Describe how you would like to share the research results with CAPS staff
and/or clients.

Criteria for evaluating research requests involving CAPS
1. Quality and impact of the study
2. Clarity of application materials and research procedures
3. Impact on CAPS resources (staff, labor, space, time)
4. Impact on CAPS clients (intrusiveness, time, etc.)
5. Adherence to established ethnical principles and procedures

Procedures for approval of research requests
1. The Research Review Committee at CAPS will evaluate each proposal.
2. CAPS approval of research requests is dependent on the project’s prior
approval from the Institutional Review Board of the University of Michigan.

Additional information regarding human participation in research can be obtained through the Institutional Review Board, 540 E. Liberty Street, Suite 202, Ann Arbor, MI 48104‐2210, telephone: (734) 936‐0933, email: irbhsbs@umich.edu

Complete proposals should be submitted to:

Todd Sevig, Ph.D., Director Counseling and Psychological Services