Alcohol & Other Drugs

Why Do Some College Students Drink?

    • some indicate drinking to have fun, to feel more relaxed, care free, to socialize easier, and some drink to fit in and to avoid questions or judgments from some of their peers
    • some drink to - at least temporarily - cope with the many stressors students deal with on day to day basis - including academic, financial, family pressures
    • some drink in attempts to - at least temporarily- decrease uncomfortable feelings such as loneliness, sadness, worry and tension and some drink to deal with mental health concerns such as depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder among others
    • This for some can be related to and/or lead to more serious mental health concerns and dependence

    Could your drinking / other substance use be a problem?

    • do you drink or use for a quick pick me up?
    • do you drink/ use because of boredom?
    • do you drink to the point of "brown or black out"?
    • do you drink/ use to fit in?
    • do you sometimes drink more than you intended?
    • when you drink - do you find yourself in situations you later regret?
    • do you sometimes feel guilty about your drinking/ use?
    • do you become angry or agitated when others mention your drinking/ use?
    • do you drink/ use more than you used to - to get same effects?
    • do you find yourself skipping work and classes or putting things off because of drinking/ use or thinking about it?
    • have you been unsuccessful in cutting down?
    • do you ever drink/ use first thing in the morning?
    • do you continue drinking/ use despite negative consequences?

    If you answered "yes" to one or more of these questions (you may want to) consider coming to or calling CAPS to find out more.

    Help can take many forms. Explore your options.

    In a confidential, supportive setting CAPS can help you to explore/ assess your drinking/use and related concerns.

    We recognize we all find ourselves at varying stages and situations of life as well as varying levels of concern and readiness for change.

    The assistance CAPS offers is tailored to the varying needs and goals you have. CAPS offers assistance to those who are currently unsure about their use, those who have decided to cut down as well as those who are seeking or maintaining sobriety.

    CAPS offers a variety of substance use related resources and choices:

    • Two 45 min confidential sessions of Assessment of Substance Abuse Patterns (ASAP)
    • Individual and group counseling
    • Referral services, and/or
    • Consultation

    Other University of Michigan Resources

    Programs and Services for AOD:

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