Robert Raham, LMSW

Robert Raham, LMSW
Job Title
Staff Social Worker
The University of Michigan
Professional Interests:
- Life transitions and adjustment
- Men’s issues
- Self-esteem/self-concept
- Anxiety
- Depression
- Personality issues
- Psychosis and mania
- Legal/forensic issues
Approach to Therapy:
My approach to therapy starts with building a therapeutic relationship based on trust, respect, collaboration, and empathy. I strive to provide a non-judgmental, validating, strengths-focused environment where clients feel safe to express and explore their thoughts, feelings, beliefs, experiences, and perspectives. I integrate elements of multiple approaches and techniques based on each individual client’s strengths and needs, primarily acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT) and motivational interviewing.
Approach to Wellness:
For me, wellness begins with balance and ensuring that I have time to participate in activities that promote relaxation or offer an engaging emotional experience. I especially enjoy watching sports (Go Blue!), listening to music, going to concerts and shows, watching movies and tv, playing narrative and sports video games, and taking road trips. I also value humor, learning, curiosity, and healthy spontaneity as important contributors to wellness.
Supervisory Style:
I take a collaborative, developmental, and strengths-focused approach to supervision. I value honest and transparent communication, empathy, meaningful exchange and discussion of ideas, and humor in the supervisory relationship. I encourage ongoing conversations about case conceptualization and any challenges and risks that may emerge in the therapeutic process, and I strive to be mindful of how our own identities, perspectives, and backgrounds impact that process. I believe a supervisory environment that emphasizes professional and personal identity development, continuous self-reflection and internal work, and openness to opportunities for celebration and growth is beneficial for us and our clients.