La Reese Collins, Ph.D, BCD, LMSW

La Reese Collins, Ph.D, BCD, LMSW
Pronouns he
Job Title
Staff Social Worker
The University of Michigan
Professional Interests:
- anxiety
- depression
- anger management
- grief and loss
- spirituality
- academic skills training
- family of origin, multicultural
- men's issues
- relationship
- student veterans challenges
Approach to Therapy:
Dr. Collins utilizes the following models in his approach to therapy: Multicultural, Cognitive Behavioral, Family Systems, Systems, Spiritual, Mindfulness, ACT, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, Positive Psychology, Psychoanalytic, Attachment, Neuropsychology, Sensorimotor, and Somatic.
Approach to Wellness:
Conditioning, listening to music, reading, baking pastry.
Supervisory Style:
My style is: developmental, strength based, consultative, and collaborative. I facilitate supervisees development based upon their learning styles. Meeting foci include: jointly establish agenda, questions and feedback about IC's, IFA's, clients, client notes and videos, discuss my clients that will enable to develop clinically, discuss quality of life in agency, discuss our relationship.
Campus Liaison Relationships:
- Council on Student Veterans
- Active and Student Veterans Program